Managed Services in Southern California: Best Practices in Securing WiFi

Managed services providers (MSPs) in Southern California advise a number of best practices when it comes to designing and maintaining secure WiFi connectivity. Having WiFi is absolutely necessary for many businesses. It provides a competitive edge, and it’s very convenient. However, positives can quickly be undermined when a system becomes compromised by cybercriminal intrusion.

Methods of Securing the Premises

Southern California IT support experts are likely to advise a number of best practices in terms of securing your operations internally as regards WiFi. Some will be more or less necessary to your specific business. Several which will likely be applicable to all businesses managing a WiFi solution include the following:

Ensure Routers Are in Physically Secure Places

Managed services providers in Southern California often encounter clients who put their routers in places where those in the cybercriminal community have easy access. Routers should be in secure locations. They should be behind locked doors, and not somewhere any old Joe with a mild smattering of tech knowledge may find them.

Even if they’re not trying to break into your network, it’s possible people could connect or disconnect something they shouldn’t and impact your business. On-site personnel who have good intentions can be as big a security threat as deliberate hackers. Secure your routers.

Design Private and Public WiFi Access Options

Oftentimes, a business will have WiFi that has a “monochrome” access paradigm. That is to say, sensitive business networks, as well as courtesy access, are all available through the same connection. A better way to go about this is to have public WiFi access for clients or low-level employees, and private WiFi access for more integral operations. Delineating between the two makes a lot of sense, working with MSPs can help you strike the best balance.

Install Effective Firewalls, and Update Them at Intervals When Necessary

IT experts advocate updating or multiplying firewalls. For one thing, the “goal posts” of technology are in constant motion. There’s always a new breakthrough, and always a new threat. For another, business scale-ups increase technological surface area, meaning new vulnerabilities develop that cybercriminals can use to access your most sensitive information.

A managed services provider in Southern California like ecasys Corporation can help you comprehensively secure WiFi, allowing for smoother operation and reduced security risk. We can help you get the latest firewalls, delineate between public and private access options, and ensure physical storage of routers is optimal for security. Contact us now for more information!