How IT Support Provider in Southern California Can Prevent Data Loss

Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can be the downfall of any organization. If your business doesn’t regularly back up its data or if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan, you run the risk of seeing your company collapse. It helps to search for IT support providers in Southern California that can make sure security breaches and other disasters can’t wipe out your business.

Reasons for Data Loss

A cyber attack is one of the most damaging events a company can face in the digital world, but there are other ways that data can be lost or destroyed. One of the most common ways that data is unintentionally altered, lost, or deleted is through employee error. When a worker is in a hurry, they may inadvertently delete, overwrite, modify, or misplace a file due to lack of focus. These mistakes often happen in virtualization and cloud computing environments.

Software failures can cause file corruption during various stages of data processing. This leads to being denied access to the file. Errors in the code may result in such software failure. When a virus or malware enters your system, all kinds of chaos may occur. How does this happen? Once again, it goes back to human error when a worker clicks an email attachment sent by a hacker, posing as a familiar entity.

Hardware failures can also cause data loss due to an aging system. Hackers have the capability to damage hardware as well as software. They can shut down a hard drive through the combination of open ports and malicious code. If malicious software is allowed to infect your network, it can destroy all your data. Other reasons for data loss are natural disasters, such as fires or flooding. These can knock your system offline by causing physical damage to your equipment.

Keys To Data Protection

There really is no excuse for a company to put itself at risk of data loss these days. While it may be impossible to stop a cyber attack or a hurricane, it’s fairly simple to preserve your data by making multiple copies. Ideally, at least one of these backups should be done offsite, such as at a third-party data center. Daily backups will ensure that even your most current data can be restored.

Another strategy that IT support providers in Southern California use to protect data is a disaster recovery plan. This concept maps out procedures to follow when a catastrophe of any kind occurs that threatens your business continuity. You will need to decide what type of media to use for storage.

Some companies still back up data on tape, which is affordable but inconvenient. Tape requires rewinding and fast forwarding to locate data. Furthermore, stretched tape will degrade data. That’s why more modern companies use the cloud or virtualization which allow data to be restored quickly. Another strategy is to educate employees about cybercrime and set policies that limit access to certain websites and applications.


Data loss can be prevented by taking proactive measures. Preparing for disaster is the best way to prevent it. To learn more, contact us at ecasys. We are one of the experienced IT support providers in Southern California that can make your network more secure.