3 Ways a Managed Services Provider in Southern California Can Reduce Downtime

Working with a managed services provider (MSP) in Southern California offers a wide range of benefits, which includes limiting downtime for small to medium-sized businesses. Downtime can significantly disrupt the daily operations of any business and make it difficult for any company to succeed in today’s competitive work environment. However, you can reduce the chance of experiencing any downtime by partnering with an Southern California IT support provider for all of your technological needs in the workplace.

Here are three ways that an MSP can minimize downtime for your business:

1. Data Backups

One of the most effective ways to avoid experiencing any lengthy amount of downtime is to create data backups each day. An MSP will automatically create each data backup and upload this information onto the cloud for maximum protection. You can also manually create local backups, but this process is highly time-consuming and doesn’t give your business the best protection against the possibility of a natural disaster striking your business. However, an IT provider gives your business the ultimate protection against any threat.

2. Geo-Redundancy

Another advantage of partnering with a managed services provider in Southern California is that all of your data is stored in multiple locations. Geo-redundancy stores your information in various places in the unlikely event of a system failure. This added level of protection will give your company the peace of mind to know your information is stored in various places to minimize the chance of permanent data loss. Operational redundancy is key to any data backup plan and significantly decreases the likelihood of your business experiencing any lengthy periods of downtime.

3. System-Wide Virus Protection & Monitoring Solutions

An MSP will also monitor your business at all times to identify any potential areas of weakness within your network. Around-the-clock monitoring will prevent a cyber attack from spreading to other areas and significantly reduce downtime. An MSP also offers system-wide virus protection for each computer system, which will protect your company from emails and attachments that may contain viruses.

Downtime can disrupt any business, so you need an MSP to give your company the ultimate protection against a wide variety of cyber threats. ecasys Corporation is a managed services provider in Southern California with over 19 years of experience that specializes in keeping downtime to a minimum for businesses of any size. Our IT staff members are always available to answer questions and guide clients on the many advantages of using an IT provider in today’s workplace.

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