5 Things IT Support Firms in Southern California Want You to Know About Servers and Storage

Virtualization. SD-WAN Solution. IT outsourcing. All these trends have transformed the world of information technology over the past decade, including IT support in Southern California. With all these changes, a lot of outdated information about servers and storage has gained traction among business owners.

Let’s look at five things you need to know about technology:

1. Virtualization Goes Beyond Servers and Storage

A lot of businesses use virtual servers and virtual storage solutions to maximize hardware use and to make management easier. What you might not know is that virtualization goes beyond servers and storage. With specialized software, you can virtualize networks and firewalls.

2. Servers Can Last a Lot Longer than Three Years

It’s common for computer leasing companies to upgrade hardware in three-year intervals. This has led many to think that modern servers aren’t likely to last more than three to five years. According to IT support firms in Southern California, with improvements to memory and CPU specs, servers have a useful life of six to ten years in many situations.

3. Upgrading Memory Can Improve Server Performance without Replacing the Entire System

Server manufacturers don’t manufacture their own memory. There are companies out there that make it for them. They just pop the memory into the slot and send it out the door. Because memory is replaceable, you can upgrade it on an existing server to improve performance. This delays the need to replace the entire server.

4. Blade Servers Use Less Space, Give More Computing Power, and are Easier to Manage

Blade servers contain multiple electronic server boards, each of which is an independent unit with integrated CPU, memory, network controllers, bus adaptor, and any other I/O port needed. The blade server box can contain a dozen or more of these server blades. Most are used for single tasks such as file sharing or web service.

5. Power Efficiency Improves with Each New Generation of Servers

Improving power use efficiency has been a priority in the server and storage industry for well over a decade. Every new hardware generation uses less energy than the previous one. Upgrade to a new server generation can reduce power consumption significantly, according to managed IT services firms in Southern California.

What Does This Mean?

Many things business owners believe about information technology is based on out-of-date information. Top IT trends and better manufacturing processes have changed the way businesses use technology.

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