How an IT Services Provider in Southern California Can Help You Create Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password is one of the most effective ways to protect your account— partnering with an IT services provider in Southern California can help ensure that all your employees have a secure password. Simply taking the extra time to create a strong password is a worthwhile investment that can save your company a significant amount of resources, while also minimizing the chance of identity theft.

Here’s how you can create safe and secure passwords for your systems:

1. Avoid Common Phrases

Many employees create a password with common phrases that make it too easy for hackers to gain access to an account. Instead, it is much more effective to create a password that involves multiple letters, numbers, and symbols. A password should also consist of at least 12 characters. IT consulting firms in Southern California can always help your employees create a password that will always keep an account safe from any outside threats.

2. Use a Password Manager

Another benefit of using IT services in Southern California is that it gives your employees the opportunity to use a password manager for many different accounts. Instead of trying to remember the password for each account, a password manager will only require you to create one primary password for the software, while it uses a program to create complex passwords for all your accounts. Ultimately, this will save you a lot of time, while also making all your accounts much more secure.

3. Multi-Factor Authentication

An excellent way to keep your accounts secure is always to use multi-factor authentication. Typically, multi-factor authentication will ask you to verify your identity by sending a text message or an email with a code to verify that you are trying to login to an account. Multi-factor authentication is primarily used whenever you log-in from an unknown device, and it is just an additional layer of security to keep you protected.

Following these simple, yet effective ways to create a strong password is an excellent option for any company in need of IT services in Southern California. ecasys is a managed service provider that has over eighteen years of experience in the IT industry, as we specialize in helping a wide range of clients with cybersecurity. We understand that businesses face security threats each day but partnering with an IT provider is just one extra layer of protection that can your help your company avoid any data breach or identify theft. If you wish to learn more about creating effective passwords, contact us today for more information.