Managed Services in Southern California and Backup for Your Business

Managed services in Southern California can be essential in reducing the risk of operations by providing backup and data recovery (BDR) which you can rely on. You’ve got to have a comprehensive backup strategy which incorporates the latest techniques and protective measures. In order to establish your best backup strategy, several methods of approach are considerable. These include:

Analysis of Pertinent Risk

Managed services companies in Southern California can help you assess how risky certain activity actually is. Sometimes you’ll be at low risk, sometimes you won’t. Sometimes, your particular operation will have unique risks other similar groups don’t have. It’s no good designing solutions for problems you won’t come against. Likewise, you don’t want to avoid protecting yourself against a well-known operational issue. Working with MSPs helps you get an idea of vulnerable regions defining operations, and how best to fortify yourself.

Designing Contingency Plans for Multiple Disaster Scenarios

You need to have backup plans in place for when primary measures fail. Certainly, you want firewalls, but in case those don’t work, you want antivirus software. If it doesn’t work, you want equipment quarantine strategies to define operations. Should quarantine fail, you want a BDR solution which can boot your network from before the viral incursions corrupted data. This will require practice runs and management, as well as regular updates.

Preventing Data Loss

Data loss prevention requires a comprehensive effort as outlined in the earlier segment. Specifically, ensure you’ve got a 3-2-1 strategy in place, and you have protocols lined out for reboot. If you’re unfamiliar, the 3-2-1 strategy is three network backups on at least two different kinds of media, one of which being located off-site in the event of localized natural disaster.

Continuous Network Assessment to Facilitate Reliable Security

Once you do have a secure operational paradigm lined out, you need to ensure it’s up-to-date. Technological ability in terms of computation doubles on itself once every eighteen months in accordance with Moore’s Law. As a result, previous security measures will grow outdated in due time. This is easy to avoid if you establish early a system of replenishment in terms of security. Working with an MSP is, again, ideal in streamlining this task.

Managed services in Southern California through ecasys Corporation can help you maintain operational reliability through network assessment, prevent data loss, have multiple backup plans for disasters, and ensure you protect against known vulnerabilities. Contact us for more information on how to most comprehensively safeguard operations.