IT Services in Southern California: Benefits of Virtualization Optimization

IT services providers in Southern California can help you offset costs of technology so it essentially becomes a turnkey service available at a monthly fee while providing your business the same utility that an on-site option would. Such potential has been discussed for decades, only in recent years, such solutions are realistically viable. Today you can enjoy very real advantages from proper virtualization. Several notable positives include:

Expanded Uptime

IT services in Southern California increase uptime through virtualization for a number of reasons, not least of them being the cloud. Whether private or public, cloud utility makes it possible for users to harness the power of multiple servers arrayed in a network.

Have you ever heard of a RAID data protection strategy? RAID refers to a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. Basically, there are a bunch of hard drives supporting data in a sort of “holographic” array such that any disk can be unplugged and replaced as necessary without data loss. This allows for continuous retention of information. When one hard drive fails, it’s simply replaced.

Well, this is a paradigm used within servers. In cloud computing, you might think of individual servers like a disk from a RAID. Except cloud servers can include more than a million units. Your data is secure, and you likely won’t have to deal with downtime related to data recovery.

More Effective Disaster Recovery

Because cloud computing solutions pertaining to virtualization are better at expanding up-time, they’re also going to be better at helping you recover from disasters, be they localized in terms of physical destruction, or in the virtual arena.

Expanded Application Security

Application design, storage, and utility are expedited using virtualization technology over the cloud. You’ve got more professional tech people managing your applications, which are extant on an array of servers functioning in positive redundancy for maximum reliability over time. Accordingly, applications are more secure.

Technology Which Lasts Longer

Servers and end-user portals will last between three and five years usually. You can get more time out of them if you maintain them properly, but in accordance with Moore’s Law, going this route likely won’t be worthwhile, as within five years they’ll be anachronistic. Working with virtualization protocols over the cloud ensures you’re always using the latest tech available, allowing you to get more value for your tech investment.

IT services in Southern California through ecasys Corporation can help you maximize tech, expand app security, recover from disasters more efficiently, and increase uptime. Contact us for more information on how virtualized solutions can best serve your business.