How Our IT Support Southern California Team Can Detect Fraudulent Websites

Fraudulent websites can wreak havoc on any organization but partnering with our IT support Southern California team can help your business avoid becoming the next victim. Trying to determine the legitimacy of a site on your own isn’t an easy task, as cybercriminals continue to develop new ways to trick companies into giving out confidential information. However, we can help your company avoid this scenario with a few tips on recognizing a fraudulent website.

Examine Security Status

The first step in recognizing a fraudulent site is to examine the security status of the address bar. Most browsers will display a green padlock icon with the word “Secure” on the left side of the web address. You can click on the icon, and it will display the security certificate and other related details. However, a red triangle with an exclamation mark will say “Not Secure or Dangerous,” and it is essential not to enter any personal information and leave these websites as soon as possible.

Evaluate URL Address

Another effective way to determine the legitimacy of a website is to evaluate the URL address. A website consists of three different parts, which includes the connection type, domain name, and extension. Typically, an illegitimate URL consists of many dashes or symbols within the domain name, or they try to imitate a legitimate company. For example, a domain name such as “Yaho0” is an obvious sign that it isn’t a legitimate site. You can also contact our IT support Southern California team if you believe that one of your employees has accessed a fraudulent website and they can scan your computer for any viruses or malicious software.

Unprofessional Content and Poor English

Another obvious sign of an illegitimate site is the use of poor English or unprofessional content. For example, any awkward phrases or multiple spelling errors is a telltale sign that you are viewing a fraudulent site. These sites also have many pop-up ads that automatically redirect you to another site, or they force you to complete a survey before you can go anywhere else. It is best to immediately leave these sites before you expose your business to unnecessary dangers.

Fraudulent sites are rampant all over the net and partnering with our IT support Southern California team at ecasys can help your business avoid these vicious threats. We understand the risks that companies face each day, and it is our top concern to keep your organization protected at all costs. If you wish to learn more about the dangers of fraudulent sites, feel free to contact us for more information.