Tips from IT Support in Anaheim: Use Online Backup to Round Out Disaster Recovery

IT support providers in Anaheim can provide you with better disaster recovery solutions if you allow them to help you institute online backup. If you are not familiar, online backup commonly emanates from cloud computing innovation. It is actually possible for your entire network to be “mirrored” across the cloud service you are using. Should a system crash be detected, the “mirrored” solution can actually begin its start-up before your primary system has crashed. This means that you can experience essentially no loss in accessibility for employees or clients during your reboot period. Downtime is curtailed and you can switch back to the primary system once operations slow down enough. What’s more, this has greater cost-effectiveness via the cloud.

Today, it is not enough to have a backup system located on-site. Now, if you do have such a system, consider the maintenance tasks which go along with it. You’ve got to purchase, transport, acquisition space for, install, and maintain that backup computer, just like you would the primary servers for your business. You’ve got to test them every couple of weeks or so, as well. If your backup server crashes, you’re every bit as likely to be undermined as though your main one crashed.

Combining Security Measures for Maximum Redundancy

The best solution is going to be the securing of an online solution in conjunction with an on-site backup, for the best security. However, the onus won’t be on continuous maintenance for the on-site backup. Basically, what you can do is use a legacy system designed to take mission-critical data in the event of a data loss. That way, you don’t have to spend more on your physical backup until the old one is truly obsolete. Meanwhile, your primary backup ends up being on the cloud. IT support providers in Anaheim which provide this kind of disaster recovery can truly save your business when unforeseen disasters hit. Additionally, with the online backup solution, you’re able to get more comprehensive backup solutions.

Through the cloud, it’s possible to, continuously, backup information. This means not a byte of data is lost when there’s a system’s crash through cybercrime, disaster, user error, or other operationally impacting exigencies.

Physical Considerations

Going with an online backup solution has the possibility to give you a competitive edge. You can bet that competitors are likely to have some caliber of backup. If they’ve got it and you don’t, should something impact your community, they may remain when “the smoke clears” and you may be gone. Consider hurricane Katrina, Harvey, and Irma. These ravaged the southeastern parts of America. If you didn’t have an online solution through some MSP in those regions and your servers weren’t remotely maintained; it’s likely you totally lost your tech business. You may have weathered the storm, but water is definitely a prime nemesis of computational technology.

Comprehensive Security

IT support provider in Anaheim, like ecasys, can provide well-rounded disaster recovery solutions. The reasons include:

  • Increased Redundancy
  • Continuous Backup
  • Cost-Reduction in Maintenance

Our solutions are comprehensive and are only part of a larger suite of technology applications. Contact us to secure support in an instantaneous and continuously active business world.