Securely Manage Your Mobile Tech with Managed Services in Southern California

Managed services in Southern California are contending with an increasingly decentralized tech paradigm. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, allows businesses to “outsource” office-space to wherever an employee happens to access the web. Cloud computing allows businesses to essentially “float” server arrays. The cloud can replace on-site servers, saving tens of thousands of dollars annually. If that weren’t enough to convey the point, consider that mobile device internet usage has recently outpaced desktop usage.

Decentralization is here. If you’re going to remain competitive, you’ll need to take this into account. IT services providers in Southern California can help you effectively manage a more mobile infrastructure. Key in such management is how your devices are handled. These points are necessary to consider regarding mobile management:

Protection Against Social Engineering

Managed services providers in Southern California help you avoid known social engineering hacks and protect against future ones through operational protocol optimization. Oftentimes simple information gates help keep socially savvy “hackers” from extracting your information.

Keeping Data from Leaking Out

Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth, cellular networks, and other wireless data interfaces can open devices connected to your network such that cybercriminals may access them. Additionally, lax operational protocols can compromise data. You need employees to be on the same page, and you need to strictly monitor digital information transfer pertaining to operations.

Managing Public Wi-Fi Access

Oftentimes public Wi-Fi is co-opted by cybercriminals looking to obtain illegitimate access. Sometimes networks will be “free,” but only because they’re acting as a data lure to unsuspecting mobile users.

Lost Device Management

IT services providers in Southern California can help you institute Mobile Device Management (MDM) protocols which allow you to control devices remotely. If an employee loses a device, you can wipe it; ensuring no passwords or other information is compromised. There are additional measures in place which allow you to wipe and reboot devices.

Contemporary Unit Security

Mobile devices become antiquated over time, and those who produce them don’t always provide necessary software updates. Sometimes working with an MSP can get you the security you need for older devices, sometimes you must buy new ones; working with the right tech company helps you find the balance.

Managed services in Southern California through ecasys Corporation can help you keep your units properly contemporary, manage lost or stolen devices, ensure public Wi-Fi that isn’t trustworthy doesn’t compromise your network, deflect social engineering hacks, and stop data leakage. Contact us for more information on mobile network management, and how best to implement security.