It’s Time to Outsource Your Cybersecurity to an IT Services Provider in Southern California!

Did you know that businesses take an average of 191 days to identify a data breach and it takes an average of 66 days to fully contain it? For over half a year, the hacker can have access to your systems, gathering sensitive data— and it could take you over 2 months to get things fixed. The time and effort it takes to stop the problem, plus dealing with the aftermath, could put you out of business. So, with this in mind, are you ready to outsource your cybersecurity to an IT services provider in Southern California?

Why Outsource Cybersecurity?

You may think the best way to protect your company from a cybersecurity breach is to keep it in-house and build a fortress around your systems. If you are a large company with deep pockets, that might work. But, for small businesses with limited resources, it’s not a viable option. Let’s look at a few reasons why outsourcing is a better option:

  • Outsourcing costs less – How much does it cost to hire a cybersecurity specialist? Don’t forget to include taxes, benefits, and training costs to the wage estimate. According to IT services providers in Southern California, when you compare the costs, you will find it costs significantly less to outsource your IT security than to hire even one security specialist.
  • Up-to-date security practices – To keep ahead of the ever-changing world of cyberattacks, your company needs to keep up on the best practices and defenses. It’s hard for a small company to do by itself. Outsourcing your cybersecurity to a company that does it for a living gives you these up-to-date security practices automatically.
  • Preparation for a breach – The idea that your company will never be hit with a security breach is not realistic. Besides keeping your company as safe as possible, you need to be prepared for when a breach occurs. An outsourcing company can get you prepared to minimize the impact of a security breach.
  • A pool of security knowledge – When you outsource to a company with several clients, you get tapped into an ever-expanding pool of knowledge. If a security breach happens at one client, they can take what was learned and apply it to all their other clients. It gives you another layer of protection.


You don’t want to be among the 60% of small businesses that close their doors within six months of a cyberattack. That’s why you need to start looking for ways to secure your company. Outsourcing makes sense for small businesses. If you want to learn more, contact us at ecasys Corporation today. We’re the experts on IT services Southern California businesses know and trust.