Importance of Hardware as a Service from an IT Services Provider in Southern California

Businesses of all sizes depend heavily on information technology to further the interest and purpose of their firms. The ever-changing nature of the IT industry has seen many technologies come into the business space only to be replaced by better technologies in a few months or years. As a small to medium business owner, replacing your IT hardware every so often can prove to be an expensive affair. To remedy this, you should think of partnering with an IT services provider in Southern California offering Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution.

What is Hardware as a Service?

HaaS is a provision or procurement model in which a managed service provider (MSP) installs its IT hardware at a client’s site and the relationship and obligations of the two are defined in the service level agreement (SLA).

Why Should You Settle for HaaS?

IT hardware is considered to be a depreciating asset. Therefore, there is no need for your company to invest heavily in buying something that will be rendered obsolete as new innovations come into the market. Instead of tying your scarce capital in infrastructure that you can lease, you should partner with an IT services provider in Southern California offering the HaaS solution.

HaaS has many benefits, notable among them include:

  1. Reduced initial capital requirement – HaaS can help you avoid the high capital investment when procuring hardware for your business. MSPs offering HaaS will charge you a manageable monthly fee to allow you to use their hardware.
  2. Deal with obsolescence once and for all – HaaS solution is an all-inclusive offering which covers the initial installation, periodic repairs, and replacement of broken parts. The SLA also assures clients of upgrades as and when better or more advanced technology has been released to the market.
  3. Enjoy scalability – As your small to medium firm keeps growing, you will no doubt need more computing power and more IT hardware to cover the increased demand of your business. Your MSP offering HaaS solutions can easily scale the resources allocated to your business to ensure that you are well covered.

A Final Thought

Considering the high cost of replacing hardware every so often, we believe that HaaS is a much better option. If you are looking for a reliable MSP offering HaaS solution, look no further. At ecasys Corporation, we are an expert IT services provider in Southern California here to help you enjoy all the benefits of HaaS. Contact us today to learn more.