IT Support in Southern California: Tech Terms You Need to Know

IT support in Southern California can be an essential part in helping you retain a relevant outlook in terms of technological shifts characterizing the market. Changes keep coming, so you should always be refreshing your understanding of these terms in order to ensure your business sustains the right kind of tech solutions. Following are eight tech terms you would do well to get familiar with:

  • The Dark Web
  • The Deep Web
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Machine Learning
  • Malware
  • MSP
  • Outsourcing

The Dark Web

IT support in Southern California is an integral part of fortifying your organization against the dark web. Think of it as the internet’s underworld. Illegal things go on across the dark web; from drugs to firearms to human trafficking, anything and everything of an evil kind exists in this digital nether realm. Tor (The Onion) is the only browser you can use to access the Dark Web. Special user protection software is also necessary to protect users from criminal underworld threats and the legal consequences.

The Deep Web

Search engine bots–Google in particular–only index so much of the web. The majority of the internet is not indexed, this is the “deep web”. It includes email programs, educational sites, intranets within companies, and the list goes on.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud computing spreads data storage and computation across thousands of servers that are shared by multiple users. SD-WAN Solutions only have specific users. Hybrid clouds manage differing operational needs between private and public options for highest security and range of resources. Lower operational cost is achieved, as well.

IT Infrastructure

All the tech used for management and support of data in an enterprise; including hardware, computers, servers, software, networking, and all other tech needs.

Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is made up of many technological systems, and machine learning is one of them. Basically, as a computer processes data, it learns without explicitly programmed instruction. Machines become smarter over time.


Malicious software, or malware, pertains to software deliberately designed for the disruption of company networks, damaging of equipment, or other malicious intent. Spyware, Trojans, adware, ransomware, worms, and more constitute malware.


Managed service providers (MSPs) facilitate complete tech services for businesses of diverse size as a means of simplifying tech management in terms of cost and complexity.


Working with a company outside yours to manage IT needs, including networking, servers, computers, communications, and more.

Keeping Familiar with Relevant Terms

IT support experts in Southern California can help you stay current on all tech terms. Contact us at ecasys Corporation for more information and even directed tech solutions.