Secure Your Files with Managed Services in Southern California

Businesses of all sizes receive, store, and send out data over their corporate networks. Data plays an important role in the success of all these businesses. Sadly, hackers have also come to understand the value that corporate data hold. These intruders are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities which they can explore and steal data. You need to seal all loopholes and protect your data from being stolen. Partnering with a managed services provider in Southern California offering secured file sharing solutions can help address this challenge.

Why is File Sharing Important?

Most firms allow their staff to collaborate in projects. It is therefore important for these firms to allow their employees to access, share, and edit files. When used properly, file sharing can be a great enabler for your business and it can boost your firm’s productivity. On the flipside, if used improperly, file sharing can plunge your firm into what can only be described as a series of security nightmares.

What File Sharing Policy Must Your MSP Have in Place?

As stated above, when properly managed, file sharing can benefit your firm. The best way to ensure that your file sharing solution is used properly is by having a well-written file sharing policy. If you have decided to hire a managed services provider in Southern California to handle this and other IT functions for you, it is important for you to check their file sharing policy. At the minimum, any file sharing policy should include the following:

  • A properly documented organizational policy with procedural rules detailing the dos and don’ts when it comes to file sharing
  • A requirement that employees must disclose to the IT department or MSP all the file sharing apps they are using to share corporate data
  • Full access and ability by the IT department or MSP to control and regulate how files are shared and bar access to sensitive files when needed
  • Periodic audits to gauge compliance with both regulatory requirements and industry best practices

So, when partnering with an MSP, you need to determine if they:

  • Offer file sharing solutions
  • Manage file sharing for their clients
  • Respond in a timely fashion when hackers or cyber crooks access corporate data

Don’t just take their word for it, look around ask for references and interview their past and current customers. Do your due diligence, your business continuity and prosperity depend on it.

We Can Help!

At ecasys, we offer secured file sharing solutions. Contact us today and let our team of managed services experts in Southern California help you with your business.