Launch Your Startup Business with Managed Services in Southern California

Starting any new business is a daunting challenge. You have the perfect idea in mind and know that it will do well in your target market. But having a perfect idea is not the only factor in creating a startup company. You need to have a roadmap that supports growth, the capital to manage operations, and the ability to scale as the business grows. Using managed services in Southern California can give your new business the support it needs for a successful start.

An important aspect of any business is its information technology infrastructure. Network, computers, servers, and smart devices handle your data, communications, and planning. For a startup, however, there may not be a great deal of capital to spend on hardware, software and support talent. This is where providers of managed services in Southern California can help.

What are Managed Services and How Can They Help Your Startup?

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer remote support and management for a customer’s information technology needs. An MSP offers a pay as you go model which allows customers to pay only for the services they need at a given time. The customer can choose to outsource all their IT management or keep some of it internal.

Using an MSP will definitely help any startup get off the ground. Here are three key reasons why:

  • Access to IT experts – Information technology is not a single discipline. IT experts specialize in areas like networking, programming, or database management. Hiring a full IT of specialists during a startup is prohibitively expensive and few IT people want to be a jack of all trades. Hiring an MSP offers you access to all the IT experts you need for a single monthly subscription price.
  • Enterprise level support – Your focus needs to be on building your business. Having to spend time on IT problems distracts from that primary need. With an MSP, you get enterprise-level support, including a 24/7 help desk and proactive monitoring of your IT assets.
  • Ability to scale as you grow – When you open the doors to your new business, you may have two or three employees. But, what about next year or in five years? With managed services, you don’t have to worry. The MSP can handle your small startup staff and scale up your services as your needs (and employee count) grow.


If you are thinking about starting your own company (or if you already launched it), it is time to think about how you are going to meet your IT needs. ecasys is one of the leading providers of managed services in Southern California. We are here to help you make your startup successful. Contact us today to learn more!