IT Support Southern California Services Are Key to Preventing Downtime

IT support Southern California providers offer dependable solutions to help businesses overcome the risk of downtime. While no IT strategy can prevent the risk entirely, deploying preventative measures help you recover quickly.

You should consider all the risk factors to inform your strategy. For example, deploying measures aimed at protection against natural disasters, human errors, mechanical failures, and cyber attacks increases your chances of fast recovery.

A specialized IT support provider can help you thwart the following risks:

Loss of Productivity

According to leading IT market research firms, most businesses in the US suffer at least 28 hours of downtime per year due to Internet interruptions. When a server or network resources are unavailable, your operations are halted and customers cannot access your website.

With the high-dependency on SD-WAN Solution, this translates to an immense loss of revenue. However, you can minimize the risk by deploying an additional WAN internet connection.

Employ Overtime Costs

IT support Southern California providers quantify downtime prevention measures as a cost-saving method. When an IT disaster disrupts your business, you’ll spend several hours or days catching up on lost productivity time. As a result, your employees must work overtime to execute recovery work, which will add to your labor costs. Besides, business disruptions affect the motivation of your staff and their confidence. Thus, you’ll have more losses in lost productivity.

Damaged Brand Image

Customers today expect excellent customer service. Besides, they have a lot of offers to choose from. Therefore, if your business is prone to disruptions, they will be forced to look for an alternative. Once they have identified another offer that suits them, it is impossible to win them back. Thus, you’ll be no longer an attractive option for them due to the poor customer service.

Failed Marketing Campaigns

Today’s business environment is characterized by cut-throat competition. Thus, it is essential to run successful marketing campaigns. Whether you’re running an e-mail campaign or paid search advertisements, your efforts will be wasted if your business experiences internet outage.

For example, a marketing campaign focused on a sales offer on holiday, such as Mother’s Day, will frustrate your customers if the sales page is unavailable. Failing at such an effort will lead to loss of customers.

Deploying preventative measures to minimize the risk of downtime is a must-have component of your IT strategy. Otherwise, your business will suffer frequent interruptions. At ecasys Corporation, as an IT support Southern California provider, we can help you maintain maximum uptime. Contact us now for more information.