Microsoft’s New Surface Book 2

Microsoft just announced its new flagship device, the Surface Book 2 which comes with 13.5-inch and 15-inch. This device has been directly compared with MacBook Pro 13 and 15. Currently, the New Surface Book 2 models offer twice the performance, 70 more battery life and have a brighter, and higher resolution display compared to its Apple-branded rival. But the way to compete with Apple isn’t just about faster hardware, but its capability and versatility.

Some of Surface Book 2’s capability is that it delivers three (13.5-inch) to five (15-inch) times more powerful compared to its predecessor. This is because of the 8thgeneration Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 processor and Nvidia Geforce 1060GPU.

Another Surface Book 2 capability is its 2-in-1 concept, this device can be used as a tablet as well, although it’s not relatively light as it weighs 3.4-4.2 pounds and if you detach the screen it is comfortable enough to be held in your palm. On top of that, both keyboard and tablet contain batteries, which when combined is claimed to last for up to 17 hours, not bad for a high-performance device!

Surface Book 2 along with Windows 10 supports facial recognition for authentication through Windows Hello feature, It’s MAC does not have this feature at all. On top of that Windows 10 greatly improved the touchpad capability through the use of Precision touchpad on Surface devices.

Lastly, Surface Book 2 rolled out its USB-C port. Some of its uses are for connecting video display such as HDMI and DisplayPort; connecting USB 3.1 devices which means you can plug external storage device or network adapter; it can support power delivery, but you must use a USB Type-C port that supports the Power Delivery 2.0 and 3.0 standard; you can also use the USB Type-C port in reverse, to charge external device (5V at 3.0A, 15W) which should be fine for phones, tablets, and other small external devices.

As of the moment, it is one of the most powerful laptops in the market, but Surface Book 2 is not cheap, as it cost from $1499 to $3300 for a fully outfitted 15-inch device. If what you need is just a basic PC processing Microsoft Office Apps, this might be an overkill for your need. On the other hand, if you are an Engineer/Architect, a Graphic designer, IT administrator, or just loves to maximize your tech capacities, this device could definitely cater your need for CAD processing, Photo and Video Rendering, Virtual Machine deployment, or any digital processing tool you can think of. It’s hardware it is durable and adaptable, and its software capabilities, are on the cutting edge.